YMCA Muskoka History

In the spring of 1994, a group of women came together to explore the need for supports and services for women and girls in Muskoka. Their commitment to better life opportunities and increased options for women and girls in our community led to the establishment of Community YWCA of Muskoka in the fall of 1997. Two programs, Women in Business and Girlz Unplugged, were developed and launched in these formative years, providing the foundation for many programs and services to follow.

The Community YWCA of Muskoka is creating a safe, inclusive community advancing gender equity through leadership, partnerships and advocacy. We focus on: ending violence against women and girls; Achieving economic sustainability for women and their families; Fostering leadership in women and girls; Providing high quality services and activities. YWCA Muskoka’s continuum of service supports adults and youth in transition, improving their capacity to thrive. Uniquely, we are a YWCA without walls, serving over 1500 individuals in 25 locations throughout Muskoka. We take programs and services to people versus people to programs, an effective program delivery model in a geography that spans 4761km2.

This important work is done in partnerships with municipalities, school administrators, health and social service agencies, many committed volunteers and business professionals and the people we serve. Together, we open doors and allow people to peek around new corners. We facilitate the opportunity for individuals to explore their options through a lens of passion, possibility, and choice.

YWCA Muskoka is proud to be one of 33 Member Associations of YWCA Canada. For more information on YWCA Canada please visit www.ywcacanada.ca

YWCA Canada is a member of World YWCA, an international movement uniting some 25 million women working in over 100 countries to achieve social justice imperatives by increasing the participation of women at all levels of society. World YWCA members join together to work for peace with justice, sustainable development, human rights for all, and environmental integrity. Please visit www.worldywca.org to find out more about World YWCA.




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