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Huntsville Gravenhurst Bracebridge
 Sept. 19 - Dec. 19. 2017
Huntsville Nurse
Practitioner Clinic
Sept. 20 - Dec. 13, 2017
Gravenhurst Women's Centre
Sept. 21 - Dec. 14, 2017
Bracebridge United Church
A weekly 'kitchen table learning experience' for individuals living in poverty or on lower incomes 

Learn the skills and tools to Get Ahead.......

'Getting Ahead in a Just Getting by World' meets weekly over 15 sessions to help you evaluate your life so you can develop the understanding and skills necessary to survive and flourish.

What happens at Getting Ahead? Participants (called 'Investigators') will examine where they are now and where they want to be; including developing a plan for prosperity broken down into manageable and achievable steps for both themselves and their community. 

Getting Ahead happens weekly over 15 sessions. Meals and gift card incentives are provided at every session for investigators who will:

 - Examine all areas of their lives including
   resources, attitudes and aspirations

 - Examine the realities of conditions in the
   community and how they impact investigators

 - Learn skills to raise confidence and do what it
   takes to get ahead

 - Learn about the hidden rules of economic class
   and how to navigate around them

 - Investigate how to build resources and make
   connections in the community

 - Build new friendships with others in the group
 - Share good food and have fun in a confidential and
   supportive environment

Get started with 'Getting Ahead' - share your experience and learn from others; discover your strengths and build your resources. 

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Getting Ahead Huntsville

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"I am so glad and grateful that I found out about this course. I needed to know how to change. I learned that with the proper support and resources anything is workable in any circumstance... and a great social gathering!"

"Starting this program, I was $1900 in debt. Using skills I learned in Getting Ahead I'm now $560 in debt. It gave me the tools to save and get ahead."

"The Getting Ahead Program helped me in my own self-discovery process by reflecting back on my past.... rather than feeling ashamed of being in poverty I realized there were circumstances that also led to it. It was wonderful and has changed my life"

Getting Ahead Participants from Huntsville and Gravenhurst

Start Date: 19-Sep-2017
End Date: 23-Dec-2017
Cost: FREE!
Phone: 705-645-9827
To Register: See Above or Contact Liz Angell