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Kirsten Nicolson, Strong Girls Strong World Coordinator, Youth Programs Facilitator

Kirsten is a recent graduate of Nipissing University of the Child and Family Studies program with a specialization in Psychology. After a few changes in programs and locations, Kirsten went on a trip to Costa Rica to work in an orphanage where she confirmed her passion for working with kids and giving back to the community. This inspired her to get involved with the YWCA when she returned home to Muskoka. She has now been involved with four different youth programs: YWGRO, Girlz Unplugged, Girlz Choice, and Strong Girls Strong World.

Kirsten loves to stay busy and get involved in anything she can. She loves to try new things that are outside her comfort zone, travel, create, and spend time outside with her dog. She is currently in training to become a volunteer firefighter for the Muskoka Lakes Fire Department and hopes to one day open her own practice as an art therapist.




440 Ecclestone Dr.
Bracebridge, ON