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Marcy Hill, Youth and Women's Program Facilitator

Marcy has been involved with children’s programing most of her life. She has run her own home day-care, after school programs and summer camps out of her home in Dwight. She also facilitated a program for pre-skiers at Hidden Valley Ski resort for many seasons, as well as volunteering to run many community events involving children. She has always had a heart for service in her community.

Marcy raises chickens and grows her own organic garden. She loves to teach and advocate about sustainable living and the health benefits of whole foods. This love brought her into the health and wellness industry where she has started a company and helps others build their dreams. She is a life coach, leadership trainer and public speaker and has spent countless hours in training with such people as John Maxwell, Robin Sharma, Jack Canfield and Lisa Nichols.

Marcy has been working with the YWCA in Youth Programing since 2006. She has been the Summer Program Coordinator as well as a Quest, Girlspace, Girlz Choice, and Girlz Unplugged facilitator. She is also involved in Adult programing, facilitating YWEP and WIB programs. Facilitation is her favourite thing to do and feels great pride in helping people see and meet their true potential.

Maya Angelou says, “Children’s talent to endure stems from their ignorance of alternatives”. Marcy believes this statement is true for both young and old and feels that the programs at the YWCA inspire people to have a voice and dig deep to find the best in themselves and the world around them, especially during times when many are their own worst critics.




440 Ecclestone Dr.
Bracebridge, ON