YWalk Day 3 - A Bolt of Encouragement!

YWalk Day 3 - A Bolt of Encouragement! - blog post image
13 Aug 2017
Day #3
Headed out from Port Sydney west on Hwy 141, coffee in hand, grateful to be able to YWALK through beautiful Muskoka! Replenished my coffee at the General Store on Hwy 141 in Utterson and carried on past Longs Lake. A fabulous sign of encouragement was at the end of Jen Morgan-Anderson's driveway - lightning bolts and stars thanks to her young son, Jasper. THANK YOU! 

The temperature was perfect for YWALKING - much better than the TOO HOT temperatures of 2016! YWALKED to the top of Brackenrig Road by 2:30pm - making good time!
View from Port Sydney Sign by Jen and Jaspar

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