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Bridges Out of Poverty

A comprehensive approach to understanding the dynamics that cause and maintain poverty from the individual to the systemic level.

of Poverty
Online Series

We are offering a free online mini-workshop series for Bridges Out of Poverty.  Bridges Out of Poverty is a workshop designed for community individuals, educators,  sector leaders & volunteers to broaden understanding and mindsets regarding poverty. 

This online two part mini-series will provide an overview of key topics we introduce in our full-day workshop.

It is not required for you to attend both.

Registration is now closed

Sessions are free, donations to YWCA Muskoka appreciated. 

Bridges Out
of Poverty?

 You may be unaware of the codes and cues that govern many aspects of life for different groups in society.  Families living on lower incomes are often in survival mode, where the future holds no promise and support systems taken for granted by others are non-existent. Only a deeper understanding of the challenges of poverty - and strengths - will help to create opportunities for success in our community.  Bridges can be delivered in a variety of ways; one-day workshops, 4 hour presentations or other ways that suit your needs.  Contact us for more details.

How will I/We benefit?

This interactive workshop will give you a 'framework' for understanding poverty and how it relates to income groups: opening your eyes to a different perspective on how we live and work in society and community. Different groups in our society live by cues and habits that are 'hidden'; others don't see these cues and habits or understand how they function. You will learn about these and other thought-provoking, practical theories to develop a greater understanding of how to build bridges across sectors to achieve the ultimate goal of a sustainable and thriving community.

The workshop will:

-Examine the impact of poverty
-Explore the codes and cues of different income groups 
-Open minds around the culture of poverty
-Identify practical ways to improve relationships -Analyze resources 
-Explain language registers, discourse patterns and story structure
-Explain the concept of mental models
-Identify principles for improving outcomes
-Introduce Getting Ahead and Circles: practical initiatives to bring communities together

Media coverage about Bridges Out of Poverty

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Learn more about the success of Bridges Out of Poverty in the U.S.


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