Celebrating International Women's Day

Featuring a special presentation os 'Tiffany Stones' by Anna Gaby Trotz and Kareen Burns.

Location: Rene Caisse Theatre, Bracebridge
Doors Open at 6pm, Show starts at 7pm

Admission is by donation.

2018 Lineup

Featuring the film 'Keep Talking', A documentary about an Alaska Native community's movement to save their endangered language, and what drives four young women to pass it on.


'Underdog' follows Yukon dog musher Yuka Honda for several months as she prepares for and completes the famous Yukon Quest sled dog race.


'Take a Walk on the Wildside', is a Canadian documentary film, directed by Lisa Rideout and released in 2017. The film profiles Wildside, a clothing store in Toronto, Ontario which caters to the unique needs of cross-dressing men.


A playful, imaginative celebration of 'the other', 'Emmeline' is the sweetly comic-absurd fabulation of a girl who isn't quite like everyone else.


'Swimming Pool' is a playful animation about two strangers who, instead of shying away from each another, take a risk to embrace a magical moment that leads to an amusing and truly fantastic discovery.



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